A New Reason To Travel: The Pokemon Go Phenomenon


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If it seems like people are more inclined just to sit in front on their computers now instead of interacting with real life (especially in terms of things like travel!), then the Pokemon Go phenomenon turns that concept on its head. With a simple, silly little app, suddenly you have a reason to travel far and wide.

A short time after its release, countless millions of people have downloaded the app, created an avatar, and gone out their front doors to explore the world, all for the sake of catching little cartoon creatures. And the further you go, the more creatures you get.

Pokemon Madness Meets Fashion

And just as an illustration of how wacky it’s gotten so quickly, there are already fashion forward Pokemon wishes happening in the clothing industry. Shoes, shirts, and accessories are now sporting the Pokemon primary colors, and depending on what team you’re on (red, blue or yellow) you can meet similarly minded people simply by matching your color to theirs. Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

Cultural Centers

Say you’ve never traveled to a local cultural center, because you’ve never had any particular reason to. Now, you can go just to see which creatures are there at different times of the day. Parks there were barren a few months ago are now filled with people all scanning the area with the phones, GPS on the looking for Pokestops and gyms. This may sound like a total fantasy, but within days of word getting out, it had happened all over the country, and is expanding to all over the world as we speak.

Big City Meetups

Especially in big cities like New York, you’ll see huge mobs of Pokemon players at all hours of the day. Want an excuse to travel and see amazing places? Install the Pokemon app and have at it. Every day there are new articles about how much fun people are having, although there have also been reports of danger for people who aren’t paying attention as well.

An Excuse For Adventure

And any excuse to travel is a good excuse. So if you’re not necessarily into the big city thing, head out somewhere new to the countryside, and see if you can snap a few pictures of the new creatures you find out there. There are some epic pictures of the characters in corn fields or out in the water. Gotta catch em all!

Bonding In New Places With New Faces

And despite the game being entirely on your phone, as soon as people look up to find the other folks around them, they’re more than happy to say hello over a common theme. It’s just like talking sports to people, except with the Pokemon game, the indicator isn’t a shirt or a hat, but a cell phone out scanning!