How to Organize a Killer Outdoor Action Stag Night Everyone Will Remember


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If you’ve never organized a stag night before, the responsibility might feel a bit overwhelming. It can be hard to please everyone, and in reality, you probably won’t. Here are a few tips on how to plan an epic stag night and examples of some fulfilled outdoor activities to add to your day.

Planning a Stag break

There are a few things you must do before you start planning a stag night or break especially with a large group!

1)Commit to a date- don’t mess around arranging between everyone as you’ll never tie all of the guests down. Set a date, let everyone know and they can make their own arrangements to make sure they are there.

2)Don’t ask for advice from the whole party. It’s likely that guests from all walks of life will be attending and you can’t please everyone. As long as the Stag will be happy with it, and you have been trusted because you know him well, then you have control.

3)Limit the budget. You can have a great time as well as keeping to a set cash flow, so set a limit and stick to it.

What outdoor activities to try.

Stag activities are all about team sports and competitive fun. Of course, testosterone fuelled and probably alcohol impaired participants too! But what outdoor activities should you try to keep the party entertained?


What better way to humiliate the stag than to dress him up and send him out as a target for paintballers. Not that cruel? Split into teams and let the best shots win. Guaranteed to be a talking point for the rest of the night, even though you might have a few bruises.

Assault courses

Does the stag think himself a bit of man’s man? Test that talk with an assault course worthy of the military trained. Put the group through their paces and make them work for their beers by taking them through a course to test their strength and determination. Make it fun, take bets and try to be the first to finish.

Bubble football

Nothing gets the competitive edge going more than an old-fashioned game of football. But let’s make that a bit more exciting and add Zorb balls to the game. You might be a bit more protected inside your bubble, but I guess that will make the players a little bolder.  See who faces up to the challenge in their giant bubbles.

Bush craft

Take your group back to nature and unleash their wild side by signing them up to a bush craft lesson in the spring. Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? Prove to your mates that you have the skills to survive in the wild and overcome the hardest lessons of all.

Bike Tours

Take the guys on an organised tour to explore the town you are staying in. Most main cities have regular bike tours where you will find out more than you ever knew possible about your destination. Plus it offers a great group bonding experience.

What do you think?

How would you choose an outdoor activity for a stag break? It’s a hard decision to organise a stag do that will suit everyone. Have you been given the task to arrange the perfects stag night? How did you cope?