Our Bucket List

There was a movie a few years ago, I think it starred Jack Nicholson, and it was about a guy wanting to do or accomplish a few things before he died. Not all of the items on this bucket list were things I wanted to do, or ever thought about doing, but it was a movie, not real life. There are many different adventures or must-see things I would have on my ‘list to die for’!
The problem with thinking of things as being on your ‘bucket list’ is that after you have done them all, assuming you can manage it, do you die? Or do you get a new bucket? Another question: if you created your list at the age of 21, there’s a reasonable chance that you might have most of the list completed by the time you are 40. Depending on what’s on your list, of course. So, if you’re young do you fill the bucket with 40 or 50 items? And if you’re 55, do you lay off adding stuff into the bucket that you might not be able to physically achieve?
See, the so-called ‘bucket list’ has a lot of conditions attached if you start thinking about them logically. But here’s the secret, and one that was portrayed in the movie, nothing is impossible. Some things are a little harder than others, sure, but one assumes you aren’t going include the highly improbable anyway.
Everyday Bucket List Items:
• Ride an elephant
• Bungee Jump
• Skydive
• Run a Marathon
• Swim with Dolphins
• Go Whale Watching
• Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

These are all honourable and enjoyable adventures. There’s a couple there that would be on my list. As a pilot, I would have a slightly different angle on my bucket list. Here’re my ideas. Let me know what you think and also, email me some of your own possibles.

• Fly around the world, me being the pilot
• Climb the Great Pyramid of Giza
• Learn to sail on a three-masted old sailing ship
• Learn how to touch-type
• Learn 2 more languages
• Run a Marathon
• Travel to a few countries on every continent.
• Visit Antarctica
• Be a passenger in a very fast car, either a rally drive or a track race.
• Win the lottery (this is a cheating one because I can’t control the event)
• Skydive
• Bungee Jump
• White water rafting
• Cruise the Amazon River
• Visit the Grand Canyon
• Live on an island for a year, alone
• Learn to Scuba Dive
• Get a tattoo (don’t tell my mother)
• Watch turtles hatch
• Volunteer in a 3rd World country for a year
• Grow my own vegetables
• Ride a bicycle across the UK

Well, that’s a few that came readily to mind. The thing about bucket lists is that you can change the contents of the bucket by adding or subtracting. Have you watched a show on TV or read on the internet something someone did and say, “Wow! I want to try that!?” Just add it to your bucket list.

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