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I don’t know about you, but I find there are 3 different types of travel blogs out there.
1. The commercial blog – web designed by experts, hired writers, advertisements, promos, great photos and interesting, albeit impersonal articles at times.
2. A personal blog that tries to be everything. Lots of information, many links, more personal pictures but created to BE SEEN on the internet.
3. A really personal blog with no assumptions that anybody but friends will look at the photos and read the articles, which may, or may not be, well written. Not many links but a lot of digestible information for people that want to travel to the same place and know some of the less well-known hints and tips.
I like them all to be honest. They all have a place in my internet surfing when I am reading about travelling around the world. I already do that because of my job as a trainee pilot but in a different way. I don’t get to idle my hours away on a beach with servants running around to fill my every whim. Nice thought, though.
When I am reading through travel blogs, I do save the URL into my search directory if I want to go back and read the next adventure. The professional ones ask you to subscribe anyway, so they rock up on my laptop every week. Taking into account my three favourite types of travel blogs, or news, if you like, I wanted to share them with you. Maybe you already know them, maybe not. Check them out if they are new to you. It’s impossible to read all the blogs about travel on the net, so if you have some of your own favourites, drop me an email and we can all share your happiness .
http://www.afar.com/ falls into category 1 above. It is a very well put together magazine, or e-zine I think they call them, and it has many writers all over the world who contribute articles. Some of the contributors are professional photographers so you can imagine the quality of those pictures. There’s lots of info in the articles as well that you can take note of if you are planning to travel to any of the places that are written about.
http://www.nomadicmatt.com/ is undoubtedly a travel expert and he is doing it alone. Fantastic lifestyle and his writing is captivating enough to get you in to read the article whether you have plans to go to a particular place or not. The tips are splendid, helpful, as they should be. The problem with Matt’s articles is that the make the ‘envy demon’ surface in my psyche. I want to be this guy, dammit!
http://www.spartanwanderer.com/ is a blog written by a young guy who just seems to enjoy writing. He takes a more philosophical outlook on where he has been and what he has seen. The writer, Seth, is a minimalist. Packing for him is one suitcase, no more.
Check these ones out. There are, as I said, hundreds. If a person can be bothered writing a blog, perhaps we should be bothered reading it.

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