How to Pack Dress Clothes


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While many of us pack casual, informal clothes for our trips away, there also occasions when it is necessary to take smarter, dress clothes too. What do we do in these situations in order to arrive with our best clothes looking fresh and feeling good on us?

Whether you are going on a business trip with your team, attending a wedding or staying in a smart hotel, the following tips will help you to pack your dress clothes more effectively.

Fold Shirts and Blouses Carefully

If you are taking some smart shirts and blouses with you then it is important to fold them very carefully. Of course, there is a good chance that you have an iron in your hotel room but ideally you won’t even need to use it.

There are a few different ways of packing a shirt, so you will want to find out which one you are most comfortable with before you leave home. It makes sense to carry out a trial run or two before you set off.

If you are taking away a suit or jacket as well then it can be a good idea to pack the two things together, with the shirt inside the jacket for added protection.

Take Care of Your Suit

When you need to take a suit, a formal jacket or smart trousers then the packing issue becomes even more important. If it arrives all wrinkled and crushed then simply ironing it isn’t usually going to be an option.

When it comes to packing a suit, many people see the best option as being that of rolling it up nicely. You will feel fantastic when you turn up for your events with a crisp, wrinkle free suit on.

It is worth pointing out at this point that it is virtually impossible to avoid wrinkles completely when travelling. The best that you can realistically aim for is to keep the number of wrinkles as low as possible.

Use the Right Luggage

The previous points about packing well won’t matter much if you choose the wrong luggage, though. Bearing this in mind, you will want to look at using luggage sets that match your needs well.

For a start, you will want to make sure that you use luggage that is big enough to comfortably hold everything that you want to put in it. You will also want to be sure that it is sturdy enough to arrive in the same condition that it sets off in.

Of course, if you are going on a trip in which you want to look good then it is equally important to choose luggage that matches your style. You certainly don’t want to turn up with great clothes inside a shabby piece of luggage.

Choose Your Fabrics Carefully

Finally, before you even pack your clothes it makes sense to consider what types of fabric you will want to take away with you. For example, you might want to take away only clothes that are made using wrinkle free fabrics.

Wool, polyester and cashmere are some of the fabrics that tend to stay free of wrinkles even when they spend a long time in your luggage. If you see items advertised as wrinkle resistant then this is really the same thing as wrinkle free.

Why not take a look through your wardrobe and decide which clothes would stand the best chance of arriving without any wrinkles on them? You might end up with a few favourite pieces that you can take away anywhere without any worries in the future.

By following these simple tips you can enjoy the more formal aspects of your trips without a care in the world and with hardly and wrinkles on your clothes.