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Going on a long vacation is always exciting. There are plenty of cities to visit and great places to explore. That said, a standard holiday – where you stay in a hotel and spend a few hours a day exploring the city you’re visiting – doesn’t always cut it.

There are plenty of other ways to enjoy a holiday, especially when you have a lot of vacation time to spend. Going on a cruise is an option worth considering. A road trip across a country like England or Scotland is also thrilling. So, is a road trip the kind of holiday you will enjoy?

Easy to Plan

Planning for a road trip is surprisingly easy. This is a relatively popular holiday activity, which means there are a lot of websites that can help you learn more about how to plan properly. A road trip across the UK, for example, is one of the most covered subjects by travel sites.

Preparing for the trip itself is also easy. Sticking with the UK as an example destination, you can use your country’s driving license or an international one to drive in UK cities. You still have to learn about the highway code before you do, but Top Tests has you covered.

More importantly, a road trip can be as short or as long as you like. Even better, car rental services now let you drop your rental off at any of their branches, which means you no longer have to worry about spending half of your vacation time driving home.

Plenty of Thrills

The best part about going on a road trip is that you can do whatever you want along the way. A friend once went on a road trip across America and decided to stop at every restaurant that sells pancakes. He and his travel companions ended up stopping a lot, but that’s part of the adventure.

You, too, can have an entirely unique experience. You can even choose to wing it – and not plan for the trip at all – as long as you have a smartphone with working internet connection with you. You can always book a hotel or find local accommodations whenever you need to rest.

The places you will find along the way are no less interesting. The UK is filled with gorgeous B roads and amazing views. Get off the highway and explore these back roads for added adventures.

Safety First

If there’s one thing you need to prepare more seriously before an extended road trip, it would be safety. Carry spare clothes, make sure your meds are with you at all times and keep emergency gear in the car. An extra smartphone that uses a local SIM card and a way to communicate with colleagues or relatives back home are also handy.

Other than that, you are all set and ready for a memorable road trip. Book a flight to the country of your choice, rent a car there and spend days exploring various routes and interesting places along the way.