Searching For a Travel Destination? Look To Social Media!


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Have you ended up in analysis paralysis when trying to come up with the perfect next travel destination for your next family vacation? Are you stuck in your head with pro and con lists, unable to just pull the trigger and get those reservations and plane tickets going?

Then have no fear, because social media is here to help you get out of that mental rut. With a few forays around Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, some review sites, and a dip into some public forums you’ll have more ideas about your exact trip details than you could have thought possible. Crowdsourcing a decision is sometimes the perfect way to go!

Hit Up Twitter

Find a resort Twitter account, and go nuts following all the links around. Find some good hashtags to follow, like #bestvacationever, or #tripofalifetime, and see where it all takes you. On Twitter, you’ll find a good mix of professional, amateur, and corporate links and advice, so you can’t go too far wrong just wandering through that mix of information. If you browse these accounts with your fam standing over your shoulder, that can help you as well get the overall vibe you want to procure.

Creep Through Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find out about exotic locations. Every business that’s any business is going to have a Facebook page, and that includes companies that sell vacation packages. And even if you don’t buy those packages specifically, at least through the social media outlet you can see pictures and get some approximate pricing. You’re a few clicks away from everything you want to know about heading to Cancun.

See What the Snapchat Lens Is Focusing On

If you haven’t jumped into the Snapchat world, there’s a ton of interesting information that you can glean from there about vacations as well. There are Snapchat stories that are updated hourly that can potentially give you a firsthand look at places all around the world, told is small snippets through the eyes of boots on the ground.

Find Reviews Instead of Advertisements

One great thing about following your nose in the social media environment is that you can pretty easily spot the difference between reviews from real people, and advertisements. This is one of the single best things about an open environment that the web has become – real people now have the power to write real things about real places.

Ask Specific Questions in Forums

And if you have specific questions about places in your mind, there’s no reason to be ashamed of jumping on a forum like Reddit and asking directly. Always vet the information that you get back, but if you want the opinions of lots of people quickly, that definitely an option.