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Visiting the USA always means you have a great deal to pack in however long you have there – whether it’s days, weeks or even months there’s always more to see and do than the time you actually have.

Travelling around means having a well-planned itinerary to see all the attractions and public transport travel options researched and tickets purchased.

It can often be the case though that trains are late, coaches are delayed or a tax is hard to come by and you’re stuck somewhere wishing you had comfortable and reliable transport to see the city you’ve just arrived in.

A surprisingly affordable way to see the sights is to hire a limousine. They are easy to rent for a few hours, a day or night or even a weekend. There’s a huge range of models and you can sit back and be chauffeured to wherever you want to go in style and on time. If there’s a group of you, it’s even easier as cities such as New Jersey and New York have models called a party bus where up to 30 passengers can ride together and even have an on-board disco!

If you like the idea, here’s a few tips to what to look for when contacting a company such as  so you get a great car at the best price.


Check the operators’ licence

Every limousine company has to have a licence to be on the road so this is the place to start with finding a reputable company. They will be happy to show you the details – avoid any company which skirts around the subject.

Ask about insurance

All cars must have commercial liability insurance. The amount depends on the size of the car but again the person you liaise with will always have the documentation to hand if they are operating fully within the law. Don’t choose a company which can’t show you the insurance policy just to save a few dollars.

See the fleet for yourself

Don’t rely on photos on the website to guarantee which limousine will arrive – or the condition it will be in. Visit to have a look at the cars yourself and check out the general look of it, both inside and out.

Ask about special offers

Every company will have special offers such as hiring for a certain number of hours or at more quiet times of the week. You’re usually paying for the vehicle so it can work out really inexpensive to rent a large limo if you have a group of you travelling together.


Check the details

Ask about the company cancellation policy, driver gratuities and whether fuel is included. Some will reduce the price if they normally stock the limousine bar but you say that instead you will provide your own alcohol.

Once you’re happy with your choice of company, complete the reservation by requesting a complete breakdown of the costs you’ll be paying and for it to be provided to you in writing. It should include the total cost, the deposit required and when paid, their refund policy, the specific vehicle, when and where it will pick up and drop off, insurance details and the limousine decal number which forms part of the licencing laws.

Once this is all in place, all you need to do is decide where you’re going to spend your time, plan when you’re going to visit and if you need entrance tickets to venues, book them online to get the best possible prices. When the limousine arrives, hop on board and head off for hours or days of fun without the stress of battling public transport and knowing that you’ll be turning envious heads as you cruise the city streets.