Thailand by Bike, Boat and Bus


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Sometimes a holiday is more than long enough and you just want to get back home. The sun has been too hot, you’ve exhausted all the activities and seen all there is to see. On other occasions, it’s just not long enough because you’ve not had the chance to see it all and get a feel for the “real” location (that, and it’s nicer than going home and back to work!)

Thailand definitely falls into the second category. With more than 140 islands making up the country it’s impossible to see it all in a couple of weeks, especially when you instantly fall in love with everywhere you go. Clear blue seas and white sandy beaches on the coast, bustling towns and cities filled with friendly people and amazing architecture, plus the stunning food – you just can’t see “real Thailand” on a two-week holiday.

When you go for the first time it’s easy to get swept away in the amazement. The problem is that you don’t really know what you’re looking for, or where to go, or what to do. Tours are without a doubt the best way to get a feel for the country, or at the very least the city you’re staying in.


There are various tour types in Thailand that let you get off the beaten track to see the hidden gems – not just your typical tours that take you through the centre of a city or down the coastline seeing the things that you probably would’ve seen anyway if you’d just gone for a walk out of your hotel.

A cycling tour around Thailand might not sound like fun to many, putting in plenty of effort and doing exercise when you could be sat on a beach or in a bar relaxing; but it’s a great way to take in the sights away from the main roads and the noise of the city.

Getting out on your bike and following a tour that’s been tailored for cyclists specifically allows you to move away from the roads and into the picturesque countryside into some of the untouched villages and resorts that other tourists and holidaymakers just don’t get the chance to see.


Boat trips are another really good way to explore more of Thailand. As mentioned, there are more than 140 islands making up the country and while many are pretty small and like your typical “desert island”, others are filled with beauty.

You can see how the country has evolved by admiring the untouched islands and comparing them with the hustle and bustle that is Bangkok or Phuket. By getting out onto the water you can take a day trip to several of them and be back in time for your dinner.

Finally, if you’d rather keep your feet on dry land but don’t know where to go, then the typical bus tour won’t take you far wrong. You’ll see all of the main features that you might not have known about before travelling, and there will be plenty of opportunities to take photographs and to get up close and personal with the “real” Thailand.