The Skiing Experience


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The experience of the sport itself is enough to get anyone’s blood pumping. You’re racing down a slope of pure white powder, faster than driving through the city, the wind on your face and fulfillment of conquering twisties with such finesse worthy of a postcard. Perhaps you’re after the prospect of getting huge air with all that speed, crossing your planks, those below looking up to see the helicopter that you have always known you would become.

Skiing is awesome. Aside from the activity itself, skiing, by nature, lends you an amazing getaway. After speeding through the scenery without thought or regard aside from making it one heck of a ride, your trudge back up the mountain will knock the wind out of you- not only in terms of endurance, but also in terms of amazement. As unforgiving that they may seem at a glance, the alps are crisp, clean and beautiful.

Being engaged in the sport will naturally also set you up for good travels. After all, an awesome skiing experience cannot be had anywhere near the big city. And, after conquering one slope, you will want to eventually go out and try them all, a fool’s errand but a dreamer’s task.


With travels come accommodation. A firm salute to those who have the capacity to live out in the mountains, but skiing chalets are always a must try for those who are going on a vacation. With most adopting the classic log cabin atmosphere, after straining the muscles and withstanding the cold, the comfort and coziness that comes after brings a fulfillment that justifies the entire trip.

Finally, as with any sport, skiing inducts you into a brotherhood of sorts, where fellow skiers share stories of their own adventures, and will watch your back as you go down the slopes. You might even find a couple of pals who will accompany you on other trips, which will make the later experiences that more fun.

Being a winter sport and such, the trip is no good if you don’t come prepared. While nary a skier would oft show up in his skivvies, there’s a delicate balance to achieve when it comes to ski wear. Some skiers may even come overdressed, since most would reason that snow is to cold as sun is to heat. Layers should keep you ready for any occasion, especially one where fashion is not of the essence.


Likewise, the skier is only as good as his equipment, so maintenance is always key for any sport, so keep your tools in top shape- your own body included. Renting is always an option as well, for the more casual skier, though have them examined before even thinking of going down the slopes.

If you had not yet tried the sport, then you are missing out. It’s almost poetic, watching a skier glide down the mountainside. However, like any sport that takes place in the outdoors, it’s far too easy for things to go very wrong, very quickly. Respect the mountain, respect your equipment, and you’re set for a very good time.