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Whether we’re checking out bustling cities such as Paris or Tokyo, trekking high in to the mountains of Nepal or simply doing a little beach bathing on the Spanish coast, we can safely say that travelling is one of the most enjoyable activities out there. Of course, travelling isn’t without its issues. Lost itineraries, expensive flights, language barriers or merely getting lost in a foreign country; all of these can all serve to make a holiday a bit of a drag, but thanks to smartphones and apps, many of these can be surmounted. Here are five of the best travel apps available in 2015, all of which will make your next vacation a complete dream!

Extremely easy to use with its pared-down user interface, and its application allow users to book accommodation in every country one could possibly think of. Every single day some 850,000 room nights are reserved via the service which frequently comes at the top of reviewers’ lists. With 700,804 properties available, there’s something for every taste and purpose.


Fortune Palace

Great for when you’re having to endure a long train ride or are simply waiting for that all-important flight connection is Fortune Palace. The site, which provides users with aggregate listings of casino gaming sites and apps, promotional deals such as the ability to enjoy playing slots for free, and even gaming guides to ensure players are on top form, brings together everything great about casino gaming, making sure you’ll never, ever, be bored during the more dull parts of the traveling process! Thanks a lot for visiting. Just before we carry on I need to to say thanks to for their continued assistance and the support of their online community. Having a service team like this means a lot to us as we continue to grow our own unique blog.


Throw away those long itinerary papers and embrace the twenty-first century of travel with Tripit! The app lets users pop all of their travel plans, excursions and bookings in one easy to access place, and one can even share excellent itineraries with other users, showcasing the best certain countries have to offer.



TripAdvisor is a revelation in travel. As well as being able to book hotels and flights and find tables for restaurants worldwide, the application’s collaborative nature lets anyone review any place in the world. Not sure where to eat of an evening? Weighing up last-minute hotel deals in order to find the best money can buy? TripAdvisor’s huge number of reviews lets you do so, adding surety to even the most on-the-cuff excursions.


Another booking app, Kayak is well regarded in tech-focused travel circles, letting users book accommodation, flights and cars for whichever country they are visiting. Kayak is incredibly easy to use and offers users a robust platform that can be trusted, wherever in the world they are.