Things You Need to Know When Visiting the Hawaiian Islands


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Hawaii has been the travel destination of choice for as long as anyone can remember. The island’s endless beaches, beaming sun, and tropical experiences draw in approximately 7 million tourists every year. When visiting the Hawaiian Islands, you have the choice of visiting the big island of Hawaii, the tourist island of Oahu, the somewhat developed, yet still wild island of Maui, or the largely wild and tropical island of Kauai.  It is always great to stay in the local condos like Maui Condo Rentals vs a hotel for a more authentic feel to your vacation.

The smaller islands of Lanai and Molokai are reserved only for natives, and tourists are not usually able to visit. The first choice you’re inundated with when deciding to visit the Hawaiian Islands is which island are you going to choose? Each offers it’s own culture and experiences. You’re able to hop from one island to another for a price, but why do that when you could spend a large chunk of time exploring one?

If you’re traveling to Hawaii, here are a couple of things you need to know before you board the plane and go the distance. You ready?

Hawaiians are Lovers of Spam

Did you know that the state of Hawaii sells 7 million cans of Spam a year? Contrary to popular belief, Spam has not been a food staple in Hawaii for a long time. The practice of eating Spam originated during World War II when it was fed to soldiers because it had a long shelf life and could be eaten with virtually anything. The fact that is was inexpensive and didn’t need to be refrigerated also contributed to the tradition in Hawaii.

While the rest of the world might not have caught onto the magic that is Spam, when you visit the Islands, you’ll be faced with the opportunity to eat as much as your heart could desire.

The Pineapple is Delectable

You probably already know that Pineapple is the fruit that Hawaii is famous for. The reason being is when Hawaii was being developed, they needed crops to help develop the agriculture business. Pineapple was the crop that took the world by storm, but it isn’t the only crop that was introduced to the Islands. Agriculturalists tried other fruits like grapes, peaches, and olives. In addition to pineapple, sugarcane is also a crop that greatly feeds the economy of the state.

When you visit Hawaii, you can take tours of pineapple farms and you can even drink pineapple wine. If that’s not inspiration to go to Hawaii, who knows what is. It’s probably best you relocate your family right now. You could have your own farm, you could harvest pineapple and roast it up with your Spam and enjoy life in paradise.