Tips for Selling or Trading In an Old Smartphone

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-Premium

With so many Apple upgrades being released, it is no wonder that thousands of people upgrade and exchange their older phones for newer models each year. Unfortunately, some people get rid of their old phones by simply tossing them in the garbage or stuffing them away in a drawer where they’ll never see the light of day again. There could be some cash in your old smartphone, and this is why you need to consider selling or trading it in before storing it out of sight.

Choose the Right Buyer

There are literally a myriad of people who will gladly buy your phone from you. There are companies specific to buying old smartphones. These companies work similarly to a pawn shop, since you’ll go in, give them your phone and they will give you a specific amount for what they think it is worth. These companies will give you a lower price than what the Apple is probably worth because they want to make a profit off of it as well.

If you’d rather not sell to one of these companies, you can either sell it on a garage sale website or social media page, where you will meet with someone locally to sell the smartphone. This can be dangerous, so be careful meeting with people you’re talking to online. It’s best to meet with them in a public location and do the exchange where other people can see you.

Know What It’s Worth

Before you sell your smartphone, have an idea of what it is worth so that you’re not getting rid of it for less than you should. Apple smartphones, for example, hold their value quite well, even if they’re older and outdated. You can easily find the worth of your Apple phone by doing a quick search online and seeing what other people are selling their phones for. This gives you an idea of what you should get if you sell or trade in your smartphone.

Understand Exchange Rates and Options

If you’re going to be trading in a phone for a newer model, know what the trade rate and exchange price will be. For example, you’ll still owe money on a brand new model even if you’re trading in an older phone. However, you want to know exactly how much you should pay for the smartphone when trading in an older model. This prevents you from paying too much for a phone when you should have been given more of a trade-in value.

Consider Donating It

Donating your phone is a wonderful option because it gives you a chance to give to someone in need. Many people are unable to afford a brand new Apple phone, and even used devices can be expensive. When you donate a phone, it goes to someone who could really use the device and will benefit from it more than if you were to stuff it in a drawer.

Be Honest with the Device’s Condition

When you sell a smartphone, you need to be as honest as possible about its condition. The reason for this is because people will contact you and demand a refund if the device does not work the way that you promised. If there are problems with the device, it is better to get less money for it than to eventually deal with angry buyers who now want their money back in full. There have been thousands of cases of people going to court because of items sold in a condition that was not upheld.