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Now that the heat is here what better way to beat the hot summer days than dip yourself in a pool of cold and clean water? Luckily, there is no shortage of swimming spots in the UK, from the more accessible lido pools, waterfalls, river streams, mysterious lakes, to the remote coastal areas and uninhabited islets. Dust off your bucket-list and begin jotting down these top six swimming spots in UK right now.

6. Stonehaven Open Air Pool in Aberdeen


A lido that is surrounded by an Art Deco-style edifice, Stonehaven has got an Olympic-sized swimming area. The 50-meter pool is filled with clean sea water at 84 degrees F so kids and the whole family will have fun times even during night swimming sessions. In fact, there’s a paddling pool for your little ones and somewhere along the pool side are the enclosed sun terraces.

5. Thames River


Tucked away along the outskirts of London, a wild swimming destination in Pangbourne, Berkshire has been the go-to-getaway destination for many outdoorsy locals and tourists. There have been large-scale clean-up efforts by the local authorities to protect and preserve a wide variety of flora and fauna species in the area.

4. Coed y Rhaeadr in Brecon Beacons


Locally referred to as Waterfall Country, Brecon Beacons Park houses several lakes, lagoons, lidos, and falls that make it an interesting destination for adventurers, scientists, and casual tourists. Head to the Lady Falls if you want to cliff-dive from the top of a 10-meter waterfalls cascading down into a very deep pool.

3. Stainforth Force in Yorkshire Dales


Quite far from the metropolis, Stainforth Force is ideal for families on a weekend getaway. Stainforth is popular for its warm and kid-friendly River Ribble, in which a stream leads up to a majestic waterfall. By the rugged corner of the waterfall is a ladder you can use to get yourself to the jump off spot. However, if you plan on taking your whole family with you, better check out these UK car rentals to make sure that no one has to stay home because of lack of space.

2. Fairy Pools Isle of Skye


A favorite spot of many explorers, Fairy Pools’ charm is its crystal blue water, rock formations, myths and legends, and the adventure as you trek through boulders and grasslands. It’s strategic location at the low-lands offer a panoramic view of the Cuillin Mountains, from where the ice-cold water is coming from. So after a half day of adventure, the recharging beauty of Fairy Pools will make everything worth it.

1. Loch Ness in Inverness


Rumor has it that Nessie, the legendary monster, resides in the depths of this 23-mile lake. And if you’re not bothered by it, then head straight to UK’s most challenging open-water loop and conquer it. Experienced adventurers recommend starting from the chalky bank opposite of Urquhart Castle and then walk your way down through the fields.