Top Sober Friendly Travel Destinations

By :- Louise Jackson, On August 24, 2018 in ::-Top 10

Every addict knows that life after rehab is when the true tests begin.  Once a person is comfortable and acclimated to life outside of treatment, it is not uncommon to feel the urge to travel.  Sobriety often brings a new sense of appreciation for the little things in life, and experiencing the joy of nature and the earth’s form is no exception.  

Though traveling can pose its own set of challenges for an addict in recovery, it helps to avoid popular party destinations at least.  It pays to protect one’s hard-earned sobriety.  Check out this comprehensive list of some of the most sober-friendly travel destination around the world.  

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is no stranger to the battle of addiction.  The city is teaming with treatment centers and even provides a home to 11 of the nation’s 35 sober high schools.  It is safe to say that addiction awareness is much higher than average in this urban epicenter.  

The city of Minneapolis is one of the most unique in the nation due to its educational infrastructure and medical support of sober living and recovery.  In addition, the city has hundreds of free activities for tourists and residents alike.  

Nashville, Tennessee

Sobriety in the south is simple in Nashville, Tennessee.  Consuming a minuscule nine beers per citizen, per week, Nashville is technically the soberest city in America.  Though the city does have its own substance abuse issues, it also boasts 280 individual opportunities a week to attend an AA meeting.  

In addition to daily recovery meetings, the city also offers a large community of addicts in recovery.  The AA community of Nashville is quite active among the city’s inhabitants, hosting an average of ten events per month and an AA Founder’s day in June.  

Prescott, Arizona

Prescott is a recovery city composed of sober transplants.  For some reason, hundreds of people in recovery chose this desert town to regroup and plant roots.  Prescott has accrued dozens of sober-living facilities and halfway houses in the past 20 years.  

One in every 30 residents of Prescott are in active treatment, so the community is no stranger to addiction.  Sober inhabitants benefit from the influx of bodies by reaping the joy of the subsequent influx of employment opportunities.  

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California is the most fitting travel destination for those who wish to remain sober as well as are a part of the LGBT community.  This city is very friendly to all types of creatures with all sorts of challenges.  It is a glorious melting pot of humanity.  

Delray Beach, Florida

The Sunshine State is home to the recovery capital of America.  This beach town plays host to hundreds of halfway houses and sober-living facilities.  There is no shortage of recovery here.