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The prospect of a jaunt abroad is one that keeps many motivated throughout the year. The daydreams of picturesque landscapes, stunning weather and thrilling excursions keep people going through the everyday grind of modern life. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the budget holiday industry is booming. However, whilst package holidays to sunny locations are appealing and cost effective, the reality can be quite different. Unfinished hotels, disinterested staff and chaotic organisation are just a few of the risks for budget holidaymakers. It is perhaps these undesirable factors which have led to the rise of the staycation. A staycation is a holiday where people stay at home and recreate many of the enjoyable experiences of a traditional jaunt. Not only are staycations massively cost effective but they also remove many of the classic holiday gripes. These can include long plane journeys, painful amounts of packing and language barriers. If this sounds good to you, here are three themed staycations that recreate the magic of traditional luxury vacations.

Casino Holiday

Before the internet age, holidaying gamblers had to travel for the authentic casino experience. However, with online destinations like Bonus Wire now compiling and comparing top-quality online casinos, this simply is not the case. These virtual establishments offer live streaming, vibrant interfaces and enticing online casino bonuses. This means both the ambiance and cash prospects of the traditional casino can now be accessed straight from your living room.

Las Vegas remains one of the most visited cities in the US, breaking the 40 million mark in 2014. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can recreate that Sin City magic. Simply connect your television to your laptop, select your preferred online casino, and your living room will be transformed. Then, download some cocktail recipes, dust off your best tuxedo or cocktail dress and dim the lighting for some extra immersion. For those who really want authenticity, why not invite around your friends and family to create that throbbing and communal gambling environment?


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Music Festival

The UK boasts some of the most iconic music festivals in the world today. Besides Reading and Leeds, Britain also has numerous smaller festivals that cater for every music genre and style imaginable. Moreover, a trip to a music festival has become a rite of passage amongst younger generations. It is a summertime tradition for music lovers of all ages.

However, with soaring prices and unpredictable weather, the festival experience can sometimes be more trouble than it is worth. But with various broadcasters now offering live coverage of these festivals, and numerous famous editions being released on DVD, you can enjoy the festival experience from the intimate setting of your own back garden with aid of a cheap projection.

Simply pitch up a tent, whack the volume to max on the radio or television and get into the bohemian mindset. A simple BBQ and beer cooler is all you need to get the traditional food and alcoholic refreshments at a fraction of the price!


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Beach Break

It is undeniable that Brits are sun seekers, as demonstrated by the numerous articles published every summer regarding new holiday hot spots (in both the literal and metaphorical sense). However, with British summertime becoming warmer and warmer, why bother crossing borders at all?

Get out that trusty paddling pool, polish those funky cocktail glasses and invest in a cheap sandbox. Let’s be honest, most of us spend every day just reading on the beach anyway. So, why not stock up at your local library and spread a towel out on your lawn?


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