Top Tips for Visiting York, UK


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You could experience your York holidays in two ways – in luxury or as a budget traveller. We bring to you the top tips to help you with both.

Luxury trips in York

Luxury trips are a delight indeed. You tend to worry less about money and get to enjoy the best of everything possible. Yet, even with luxury trips there are certain do’s and don’ts which need to be followed.

  1. Be sure to adhere to the rules. In some places, like in movie halls, you may not be allowed to bring bags, so if you intend to do any shopping you might think of doing so after watching the movie.
  2. For those coming from Asia, the currency ratio to pound may pinch them a lot, so it would be wise to do research on choosing the right tour operator and the tour package for the luxury trip.
  3. Italians and Germans in England could just drive their way into the country and enjoy the country. Yet if they are not interested in having a road trip, it would be unwise to keep your car at a parking place, because the parking rent could shoot up way too high!

Backpacker Trips in York

There are loads of backpacker style trips in England. Yet, being a backpacker is a tough task indeed and having the perfect know-how of what is necessary and what is not goes a long way to make your backpack travel a success. Here are lists of dos and don’ts when you are a backpacker in England:

  1. A journal is a must which you take when you leave home. You can scribble down all your travel stories or if you are tech freaks could even blog about all your travel stories there. A backpacker’s journey without his experiences shared and put down is incomplete indeed! In fact, you can even earn while you travel!
  2. Insect repellents and toilet papers are a MUST! You should never forget to bring those!
  3. Don’t shower with your bare feet in hostels and other common bathroom places if you stay there while travelling. Use a slipper, as loads of people use the same showers, and thus it may be unhygienic.
  4. Do meet with people and interact with them, but DO NOT criticise them on any of their customs or traditions.
  5. Do not carry too much weight, this is a much told about advice, yet people forget the fact time and again. Carrying too much weight on your back pack not only makes you uncomfortable while travelling it might just ruin your entire trip!

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