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Okay, so I might perhaps be using the “travel blues” phrase wrong in this instance, but that’s okay I guess because this is indeed a blog about all things related to travel and not one about the proper use of English idioms. So yeah, I know that having the travel blues fundamentally means you exist in a trans-like state while harbouring your daydream-driven longing to jump on a plane and fly away, but in this instance I’m referring to the type of travel blues which hit you while you’re on the road and certain aspects of the trip start to go wrong.

The travel blues hit a lot more often than what one may anticipate, which should perhaps change things up a bit and have us anticipating them a lot more than what we currently do. Think of it as something like an engine, yes, this includes the jet engine powering the planes on which you jet across the earth. Engines never operate at 100% efficiency, which means you will never get the power output quoted in the motor mechanics magazine reviews.

Similarly, the typical travel itinerary never quite works out exactly according to the planned schedule, even if the plan is to “wing it” and just see what happens!

This is where to look if you want to turn your travel blues into travel bliss however – each and every trip should be seen as just another unique adventure of its own.

I’m speaking from personal experience here, even as someone who works in the aviation industry and someone who is deemed to hold a position of high esteem in the industry. I might fly planes, but I also love to travel as well and some of the benefits we get as pilots can be extended to our nominated friends and family, which on a recent occasion I cashed-in on by organising very cheap tickets for my closest childhood friends, just so that we could make use of what seemed to be a rare opportunity for the lot of us to get together all at once and travel like we used to back in our post high school days.

Things very quickly went south when some of us had to be separated and put on different flights due to some flight delays, but turning that bit of the travel blues into adventure made it a worthwhile story to tell. One of the members in the gang was inconsolable until he learned that he would be eligible for compensation through the flight delay claims we were to file (well, they were going to file them, not me) – compensation to the tune of up to £500+ and that sort of set the tone for the theme of the remainder of the trip, which was to try and find the positive out of every negative situation which arises.

Boy were there many of those situations, such as being held in customs secondary overnight on suspicion of having swallowed some illegal substances (true story) and negotiating down a fine of around £80 for bringing fresh foods into a country which doesn’t allow them – fresh food which was served on the plane, mind you…

Looking back puts one in a state of sheer bliss just thinking about how much fun it all was, despite the challenges which in actual fact come together to make for some great travel stories.