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Travel is the general movement of humans between distant cultural and geographical locations. Travel can be done with or without personal luggage, by foot, car, bike, train, plane, boat or any other mode of transport, and is either one way to another, or round trip traveling. Some forms of travel are caravanning, hiking, mountain climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, air travel, cabins and camping, caravanning tours, walking tours, horse riding, skating, water sports, zoo tours, rafting, sky diving, skiing and bungee jumping. Some forms of travel cannot be categorized under Travel. These include fishing, wildlife watching, mountain biking, swimming, mountain climbing, kayaking, rock climbing, motorcycling, sailing and helicopter rides, cycling and hiking. Some forms of recreation include sky diving, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, golf, tennis, sailing, hunting and fishing, hiking, mountaineering, surfing, motorcycling, gymnastics and aerobics, sailing, snorkeling, traveling by bus or train and by air.

Tourism refers to the business of attracting tourists. There are different types of tourism including travel, hospitality and business tourism. Traveling tourism refers to international travel, whereas hospitality tourism includes domestic travel. Hospitality tourism is on the increase.

Traveling through a tour of different geographical locations can serve to keep people’s minds light and busy for a prolonged period of time. The various sights, sounds, smells and tastes that they would have never experienced otherwise would make their journey worthwhile. They can gain new knowledge about the place they have been to, and thus learn more about the history, culture, arts and lifestyle of the people living in that particular place. Hotels, like any other kind of establishment, serve to provide comforts to their guests, as well as arrange for relaxation and entertainment.

Tourists can easily book rooms in the Short-term Lending Institutions (SH Institutes) and short-term accommodations in the Hotels and Resorts (HRAs). There are many popular travel destinations around the world, which draw millions of tourists annually. Among these, the most visited destinations are Hawaii Island, Easter Island, New Zealand, Polynesia, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Central America, French Polynesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Palau, Tahiti and numerous others. Hotels, Short-term Lending Institutions, Resorts and Airns are major players in the social travel industry in the Hawaiian Islands, Polynesian Islands, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Tahiti and other parts of the Caribbean.

The growth of tourism industry is dependent upon the influx of tourists, to whom the hospitality industry provides facilities, such as restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, hotels, lounges etc. Tourism also requires the provision of adequate accommodation facilities for people who are on temporary visits to these distant geographic locations. This is one of the reasons, why many famous cruise lines and airlines are coming together in an effort to promote and introduce Hawaiian culture and tourism.

Air travel has become a convenient and quick way to travel in a remote area. It has revolutionized the concept of travel and tourism. It has made air travel safe and secure and has made it easy for travelers to reach their destinations. There are many budget airlines like US Airways, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines etc., that offer very low fares for travelers on short-term vacation or travel packages. Airline companies like Continental Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines offer special travel offers for travelers looking to take advantage of their cheap air travel.