Travelling to the UK: Tips for Canadians and Other Commonwealth Citizens


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Citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries that have diplomatic ties with other Commonwealth countries follow unique regulations when travelling between these countries. Anyone who wants to travel to the U.K. for work, study or leisure will need to be aware of how the regulations affect their travel plans to ensure that they properly prepare for their trip. The information outlined below highlights the regulations that apply to Canadians for entry to the U.K.

About Right of Abode

People who have a right of abode are permitted to travel to and live in the U.K. without first obtaining a visa. As these travellers have a right of abode, they are not held to the length of stay restrictions that other travellers must abide by.

While British citizens are given a right of abode automatically, there are also people who are citizens of Commonwealth countries who are also extended right of abode benefits. People whose parents were U.K. citizens at the time of their birth or adoption and those who have continuously been Commonwealth citizens since December 31, 1982 have right of abode, as do people who are married to someone who has continuously been a Commonwealth citizen since January 1, 1983.

Travelling to the U.K. for Work


Canadians who plan on flying to London, U.K. for work purposes are required to obtain a visa prior to departure. It is important for Canadians to be aware that the visa requirement applies to any type of work for any period of time, and unpaid volunteer work also falls under this category.

Travelling to the U.K. to Study

Canadians who plan to travel to the U.K. to attend university are also required to obtain a visa prior to travelling. Many universities work closely with students to guide them through the process of obtaining the proper paperwork and documentation that they will need to attend college in a foreign country.

Travelling to the U.K for Leisure

Most Canadians who travel to the U.K. for leisure do not need to obtain a visa. A passport is required for all travel to the U.K., but a visa is only needed for leisure travel if a person plans to stay more than six months.


Tips for Travelling to the U.K.

Commonwealth citizens who are preparing for a trip to the U.K. can follow these tips to ensure that the experience is a positive one.

• Leave at least six months of planning time before the date of travel to ensure compliance with visa and passport regulations.

• When depending on right of abode, be sure to apply for a certificate of entitlement before travelling to ensure that right of abode can be easily proven.