Why A Blue Cruise Is the  Best Way to Experience the Mediterannean


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A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to take a Blue Cruise in Turkey. It was one of the best trips I’ve had on the Mediterannean, and I want to share just exactly what made it so amazing! So, here is what you can expect from your next Blue Cruise along the Turkish coastline…

Bathe in the Crystal Clear Turquoise Waters & Enjoy Boat Life

Words cannot begin to describe the beauty of the Mediterannean waters, but Google/Pinterest/Instagram search for images of Oludeniz in Fethiye and you will see some of the most gorgeous views of coastline meets turquoise water of anywhere in the world. Especially when you set sail into the more private coves and islands, the water is breathtakingly clear – you can’t imagine all the colors of sealife available and it seems you can literally see straight to the bottom.


Cruising on a traditional Turkish gulet has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. Whether it was sunning on the deck sunbeds, enjoying delicious meals of local Turkish dishes and, of course, BBQ, or getting together with everyone on the boat at night for party time – yes, there was a beer pong table at one point – there is nothing you won’t enjoy about your time cruising around these magnificient islands and coastlines. Marmaris is a beautiful city in and of itself in Turkey with beautiful beaches and amazing nightlife, but it’s also a great setting off point for Blue Cruises. Check out Yacht Charter Marmaris for a list of options for cruises around Turkey and Greece to get your vacation planning started!

Seek Adventure & Fun with Water Sports

First and foremost, when speaking of adventure, I have to talk about paragliding! When in Fethiye, Turkey, this is an experienced not to be missed! Jump off the 2,000 meter Babadag Mountain to take in the breathtaking sights of Oludeniz Beach and the Blue Lagoon. This was the most exciting thing I had experienced in a long time – literally feels like you are flying!

No matter what age you are, a blue cruise is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner child with some fun water sports and there are loads of opportunities to get out and enjoy the water whether it be snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing, or banana riding!

A group of us from the boat decided to embark on a journey together which involved sitting on a giant inflated banana as it whipped us from side to side as we gripped on for dear life. It was honestly the most any of the group had laughed and screamed in a long time, and crazy as it may sound, it was just a great way to totally let go!

Wherever your interests lie, I recommend shed your inhibitions and just try something that you wouldn’t normally. These cruises are filled with great opportunities to meet new, adventurous people and to try something new!


Discover Your Own Private Island Spots

What is a cruise along the Mediterannean without a little romance? Or a little quiet “me-time”? The beauty of hoppping on a cruise boat is that you get access to those hidden little spots that wouldn’t be able to venture to by yourself. One great spot is Aga Limani Bay, a beautiful little rounded cove with rocky slopes and stunning pine trees starting from the shoreline.

If you want to be sure to have a great experience, go to this website for the cruise company that I used – they ensure the cruises hit the most exclusive spots and go to popular sites at less busy times to give you more private time. One of my favorite things we did was visiting the ruins of an old Hamam called the Cleopatra Bath. It’s rumored that Cleopatra herself came here to bathe in the bay and came with Marc Antony especially for their honeymoon. This site is only accessible by boat and regular tour boats don’t come here, and I now can’t imagine if I hadn’t had this amazing opportunity to experience it!

Explore Historical Treasures

One small blog post is never going to be enough to describe all the historical gems waiting for you on these cruises, but below are some of the highlights.

Lycian ruins dotted along many sites seen on the cruises, however, one of my favorites was in Fethiye. The Lycians lived in Turkey thousands of years ago and there isn’t much known about this era of history, but  the tombs carved into a cliff overlooking Fethiye date back to approximately 350 BC. They are easy to spot and extra spectacular (and photogenic) in the late afternoon as they glow orange in the sunlight. Alternatively, a beautiful night-viewing is possible as they are lit up in the evening by floodlights making them really eye-catching.

Not all these treasures are on the Turkish side, however, as the Greek Islands are loaded with history as well. Check out the the Street of the Knights in the old town of Rhodes Island, Greece. It is one of the most renowned medieval streets in the world and is home to the ancient buildings that were the lodgings and inns of the knights of the 14th century. There are seven inns representing the knights’ seven origins.

Written by Lauren DeGarmo for Alaturka Cruises