Why Mexico Should Be On Your Bucket List!


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What is the best way to relax? TRAVEL! I know what you’re thinking – traffic, flight delays, baggage problems and other fiascos.  Well, let’s take a look at the positive side; you get to see places, meet people, eat unique delicacies, and learn new things. Not bad, right? Best of all – no cleaning, no cooking and no laundry!

Kidding aside, make travelling number one on your bucket list. Worried about the expense? Nowadays the market is swamped with agencies, airlines and hotels all desperate for your custom, and that level of competition means only one thing: fabulous deals to some of the most adventurous and exotic locations in the world!

I strongly suggest Mexico, the “heartland of the Aztec Empire.”  Mexico is a place that honestly has something for everyone, offering mysterious temples, Tomb Raider-style ruins, ancient cities, incredible food, awesome beaches and much more. I strongly urge you to keep reading…



Do you feel like Indiana Jones lately? Chichén Itzá, one of the 7th wonders of the world, is the perfect place for you! Situated at the Tinum municipality, the Maya name translates to “at the mouth of the well of the Itza.”  The serpent illusion at the staircase of El Castillo will mesmerize you, thanks to the lights and shadows. Moreover, enjoy deciphering the ‘time temples’ and unravel the mind-boggling Mayan astronomical calendar.

Meanwhile, if you want to know where the gods ‘brainstorm’ then head to Teotihuacán. According to old folks, it is where “the gods gathered to plan the creation of man.” It is the biggest ancient city in Mexico.  The attractions of the place are: The temple of the Sun; The temple of the Moon; Museo Teotihuacán and the temple of Quetzalcoatl.

Not that interested in temples or ancient cities? Then check out Puerto Vallarta. In 2010, a US News travel poll dubbed it the “Best Vacation Destination in Mexico.” Puerto Vallarta promises unique day and night activities, enticing surroundings and friendly people.

If swimming is your cup of tea, Mexico will astound you. They have beautiful beaches, but the best places to go are the Cenotes – natural swimming haven in a cave! Actually a lot of people simply see it as a sinkhole or a natural pit. Don’t believe it! The cenotes are spectacular places to swim, snorkel or simply chill. Some cenotes to see are the Cenote Dos Ojos (Tulum), Cenote Yokdzonot (Chichén Itzá) and Cenote Azul (near Playa Del Carmen and Tulum)



They call Chilaquiles a breakfast dish, but I want it any time of the day! Imagine, perfectly fried corn tortillas with a bunch of toppings like cheese and cream, green or red-hot salsa, fried or scrambled eggs and small pieces of chicken. But there is more! They serve frijoles or refried beans with chilaquiles.

Using the Mexican flag colors as inspiration to Chiles en nogada is pure genius! The Poblano chillies are filled with ‘green’ picadillos (fruits, spices and chopped meat mixture), creamy white walnut sauce and pomegranate red seeds. This ‘patriotic’ dish was first served to Mexican liberator Don Agustin de Iturbide.

Meanwhile, just uttering the word enchiladas will make you think Mexico. Enchiladas are flour or corn tortillas filled with cheese, meat, beans and vegetables. And, to get that “Ahh!” feeling, they place chili sauce all over the tortillas.

Like enchiladas, Mexico is also the proud ‘owner’ of Guacamole. The Aztecs created the mixture or salsa. It is a delightful mixture of onions, lemon juice, tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic and avocadoes. Guacamole is the perfect side dish or dip.

That’s it! Well, it’s really a short list. There are other great places and Mexican foods to try. Find them all. Explore Mexico to the fullest and get the best vacation ever!

Finally, don’t make your vacation an excruciating experience. Look for good deals now. Too late for bookings? Not true! They are out there! Just find them and start planning. Don’t mind the travel fiascos! Taking a break is worth it!