5 things Any Visitor to London Must Do!


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London offers its visitors a variety of sights to see, unique places to eat and areas to explore. Since there is so much to see and do, I have provided you with the top five things anyone visiting London must experience – so let’s begin…

1. Eat, eat, and eat some more!

Greenwich market

London is a cultural melting pot, with people from all corners of the earth being represented in this bustling metropolis. Not only does this provide an amazing multicultural atmosphere, it also means that you can experience some truly amazing food! Greenwich Market is by far my favourite food market in London. During the weekend you can try some amazing international food – and when I say amazing I mean the yummiest food ever! Another reason I love it so much is that certain food stalls such as The Honest Carrot (my favourite) cater for vegans and vegetarians like me. Take a step back from the idea that England is all about the roast beef – there is plenty more on offer, and a huge range of places that cater to vegans and vegetarians exclusively. Check out this handy guide to help you find some of the most highly recommended vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city!

2. Coffee at the Tate Modern

Tate Modern cafe

Apart from exploring the cool art exhibitions at the Tate Modern (which is free to enter), I recommend you go to Tate Café for the spectacular views of the Millennium Bridge and River Thames. I kid you not when I say this is probably one of the most relaxing places I have ever been to in London – and that’s saying something!

3. River Red Rover Cruise

Thames Cruise

A great way to see the city is via the River Red Rover – a sightseeing cruise along the River Thames. The great thing about this cruise is that you can hop on and hop off at different locations, and is the perfect way to wrap up a busy day of sightseeing on foot. Cold beer in hand, you can unwind as the well-informed and entertaining guides give an audio commentary of the various sites that line the banks of the river!

4. Tower of London

Tower of London2

This is hands down the most enjoyable tourist attraction that I have visited whilst being in London. Not only is it a truly fascinating place – full of rich history that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years – the ‘Beef Eater’ tour guides are absolutely hilarious. These long-time military servicemen will provide you with incredibly insightful historical facts, whilst also offending absolutely everyone in their tour groups (in the nicest way possible) with their jokes. An absolute ‘must-do’ for anyone visiting London.

5. The Classic London Pub

London Pub

Of course, no trip to London (or England for that matter!) would be complete without a drinking session in a London pub. They are certainly not hard to find, seeing as there is one on almost every corner of every street. They are ideal places to begin a big night out or, if you’re lucky, you may even be able to convince the staff to let you join them for an after-work lock-in. Be prepared though, pub staff are seasoned drinkers – and take great pleasure in drinking people under the table!

So there you go guys, happy exploring!

This article is provided by Catherine.