Stay Happy and Safe on a Cruise


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Stay Happy and Safe on a Cruise

Cruise travel has become the most popular mode of transportation for tourists visiting different tourist spots. It is a better option than air travel in

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Cruise travel has become the most popular mode of transportation for tourists visiting different tourist spots. It is a better option than air travel in several ways. Cruises provide passengers with an opportunity to visit many popular tourist destinations such as the Caribbean, South America, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean. Cruises may last from three days to ten weeks and can accommodate up to one hundred and sixty-two passengers. Most of the cruise ships are located in the inner part of the sea, so the scenic views and other natural features are very wonderful.

Before embarking on a cruise travel, it is required for all passengers to have a valid passport. This enables them to enjoy their stay at the various ports of call along the way. Some cruise ships also have a no smoking policy, while others do not allow passengers to smoke anywhere on board. If you have a valid passport, then you can get off the ship and spend the night in any of the ports of call.

The safety on a cruise ship is one of the main concerns of people who love cruising. Therefore, most of the cruise ship companies take adequate steps to ensure that there is safety for all the passengers. Every year, the Federal Maritime Commission publishes a report on what can you do about it if you meet a cruise ship accident. Some of the things that can be done if you meet a cruise ship accident include calling the Coast Guard, filing a claim with the cruise ship company or contacting the Florida Coast Guard.

When you get off the cruise ship, first of all you have to report to the port where the accident occurred. You can file a claim for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability benefits and compensation for your mental and psychological stress. You can contact your health insurance provider or call the Medicare Office. You can also contact the local U.S. Coast Guard detachment and file a claim for lost personal belongings, payment of costs of transportation, compensation for physical impairment and loss of personal effects. If you are injured and the extent of your injuries is less than six dollars, you can file a claim for the accident benefits.

Another important thing that you should do is inform the officers know of your vacation plans. Most of the cruise lines put a form or a warning with your itinerary advising the officers about your planned travels. Usually, this information is included in your travel guide or in your onboard information pack. You should also inform your cruise ship about any pre-planned activities like sports events that will take place during the duration of the voyage. Such information can help the officers know how to avoid overcrowding or any other problems that might occur on a cruise ship.

Finally, you should inform the nearest port of call at least six months before departure. At least six months before the voyage, you should call the port of origin and let them know your full name, travel plans, destination and details about your health insurance and any other medical needs. This can prevent misfortunes on the voyage. At least six months before the voyage, you should also give the port of departure instructions including your itinerary, any formal or non-formal communication with other passengers, reason for missing a boat or a flight, boat repairs, and a list of your household items, pets and prescription medications. You should also let them know the destination of your future destination, as it could make the difference between your receiving treatment or not.