Europe’s driving holiday hotspots

By :- Louise Jackson, On December 5, 2018 in ::-Europe
Driving holidays give you the opportunity to truly experience everything that a country has to offer; they give you flexibility in visiting the locations of your choice and allow you to avoid the typical tourist traps. Although many of us picture the USA when we think of embarking on a road trip holiday, Europe has been making a name for itself in recent years. With a huge variety of destinatio.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Travel Blues Turned into Travel Bli

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-Luxury
Okay, so I might perhaps be using the “travel blues” phrase wrong in this instance, but that’s okay I guess because this is indeed a blog about all things related to travel and not one about the proper use of English idioms. So yeah, I know that having the travel blues fundamentally means you exist in a trans-like state while harbouring your daydream-driven longing to jump on a plane and fly.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Tips For Making Long Distance Relat

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-Premium
Dating is hard when you’re in the the same town as somebody. Imagine putting a couple hundred or thousand miles into the equation and things get harder much faster. Different relationships operate differently, so you can’t say that a long distance relationship is never a good idea. They can work, but with love, it’s all about communication, being flexible, and being willing to compromise or .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Expert Advice on Claiming Compensat

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-Featured
An accident that happens on holiday is never fun. But when the accident happens abroad, it becomes very complicated to get things straightened. You may be in a place with different rules, different benefits, different languages, and different levels of income. In a place where the rights of both people are very different, it is difficult to figure things out yourselves. This is when it is a good i.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to manage your energy bills whe

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-Europe
Most apartments that you move into will already have gas and electricity set up, ready to go, ready to come out of your account. However, if you want to be smart about how much you pay for your bills, you should first learn a little bit about how things work in Espana. There are a fair few differences between how bills work in the United Kingdom and in Spain, and not all the same regulations will .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Our Best and Worst Bits of Iceland

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-Featured
Steve and I like to check out holiday destinations that seem to be a little bit different to the holiday choices of our nearest and dearest. [caption id="attachment_162" align="aligncenter" width="400"] In the National Park during the Golden Circle[/caption] Our plan for our year-long trip starting September is still under discussion, but we wanted to get our blog going so thought we’d  b.... {{ Continue Reading }}

5 top racecourses to visit in the U

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-England
Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom and there are some superb courses worth visiting. Whether you fancy the thrill of jump racing at Cheltenham or rubbing shoulders with royalty at Ascot, a day at the races is a wonderful experience. Read on for our top five recommendations of racecourses in the UK. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Safety measures to note when travel

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-England
The UK is undoubtedly one of the safest places to travel to but there are some measures to take. These will help you have a risk-free tour in the capital city and let you enjoy the most. Check out the top points to stay safe and travel better in London. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}