Top 7 United Kingdom Holiday Destinations 2022


Top 7 United Kingdom Holiday Destinations 2022

United Kingdom has always fascinated tourists from across the globe. The amazing locales and scenic beauty of the United Kingdom attracts travelers. Moreover, the enchanting

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United Kingdom has always fascinated tourists from across the globe. The amazing locales and scenic beauty of the United Kingdom attracts travelers. Moreover, the enchanting atmosphere in some places and amazing food culture are aspects that draw tourists to United Kingdom. Visitors can take back beautiful memories of the various places that will enchant them in the United Kingdom.

Let us now see some of the best places and holiday destinations in the United Kingdom which you can visit in 2022.


The very thought of visiting UK means going to London first. This city has been on the travel agendas of almost every travel enthusiast. Being famous for its locales and also being publicized by the movie industry, London is a place that you cannot miss. Places such as the Crossrail Elizabeth Line, Tottenham Court at the Oxford Street, and the Centre Point tower are a must visit when in London. Food lovers can visit the Arcade Food Hall for finding some amazing cuisines. Additionally, visiting exotic bars for drinks needs to be on your agenda too. The London Gin Club is a place that you cannot miss if you wish to enjoy a drink.

Dedham, Essex

If you are a lover of the countryside, then a holiday in Dedham is a must. This bucolic countryside will soothe your senses with its tranquil atmosphere. You can visit the border area of Essex-Suffolk to view a fertile landscape besides River Stour. This place has some amazing pubs at the riverside along with neat villages with trees that bow down with their own weight and lushness. If you are in possession of an UK visa, then visiting Dedham is a do-not-miss.

West Highlands, Scotland

Scottish Highlands have a specific flow of rural winds that are quite appealing. West Highlands are quite secluded; yet stunning. People with a UK tourist visa can give a try to a camping site here. You can also experience some wild life during your stay at this place. Holiday homes are present for tourists too. You can also try an undisturbed cottage on Isle of Rona which is located between the mainland and Isle of Skye.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is Scotland’s most amazing cities that travelers will love. It is also the most visited amongst UK destinations. The place has amazing historical buildings. It is also recognized for being home to the Edinburgh Castle.

Salford, Manchester

If being in some noisy and crowded places is not something you aspire for, then Manchester is the perfect holiday destination in UK for you. The RHS Bridgewater which is a public garden opened recently is a must see while in Manchester. The place is rich in wildlife spread across the woodlands, a peaceful and serene lake and a community growing area. These are some of the attractions of this Royal Heritage Society’s garden.


Bath is amongst the small cities that make up the United Kingdom. However, this diminutive size is not a constraint as the city makes up for it with some astonishing places to see. The healing waters of this Roman-era city are well known. This water gushes down from 3 hot springs. The city is also famous for its wonderful spas; especially, the Thermal Bath Spa.

Oxford & Cambridge

United Kingdom has always been considered as a central learning destination. With Oxford and Cambridge Universities, you can bet to find lot of visitor traction here. Situated to the north of the City of London, both these universities are located 128 Km away from each other. Though there exists a rivalry among the two universities for ranking, both places have a lot to offer for budding travelers. Tourists can expect to view some great historic buildings along with some amazing collage grounds. In Cambridge, you can take a stroll down the river Cam and also visit the town center. In Oxford, you can visit the High Street and also take a view of the Carfax Tower.

The above listed are among the many holiday destinations in UK that you can visit. Though there are other destinations too that are attractive, but these are considered as the best holiday spots in the United Kingdom. So if you are planning a trip to the United Kingdom, remember to include these places in your itinerary.