Options For Travel, To Suit Your Taste


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Whether you’re traveling long distances or short distances to vacation (or at least entertainment) spots, you always need the best carry-on luggage, you have to make the decisions along that line about what your mode of transportation is going to be. And you can either default on what’s normal, typical, or expected, or you can take a moment to consider the possibilities in full.

Some examples of these options would be business class air travel, the less expensive opportunity of taking the bus, the freedom of traveling by rented car, why you might take the train, or when to use the subway (if you’re in a city, by chance.)

Business Class Air Travel

If you have the funds to do it, air travel by business class is a great way to relax on the way to your next destination. The perks of being comfortable in the air don’t come cheap, but especially if your company is sponsoring you on this journey, don’t be afraid to volunteer for the good life in the friendly skies. The longer the trip, the more relaxed you can get!

Less Expensive On the Bus

If you’re going cross-country, have some time to do it, don’t have a lot of luggage, and are up for the experience, using the Greyhound bus system will be an experience for the ages. It’s not necessarily the most comfortable path of least resistance, but you may very well have lots of good stories to tell from the people you talk to over a huge swath of hours on the road. Just be sure that you bring deodorant to wear, and a neck pillow to fall asleep on!

Travel By Rented Car

There’s a lot of freedom involved if you choose to rent a car and then travel that way. You get to pick how luxurious your vehicle will be, you get to pick your timeline and your route, and you get to pick your radio station. Costs are going to be quite variable depending on a number of factors, but if the benefits outweigh them, then that’s going to be your go-to method to get to your destination.

Gliding Over the Tracks

Train travel might not be as common as it once was, but there’s a certain vibe to it that can’t really be found in any other mode of transportation. The type of motion, the way the seats are, the windows facing the open view around you. It’s quite relaxing for people who want to just settle into the concept.

The Subway For Short City Journeys

If you’re already in a larger metro area and want to get around, for instance, if you’re looking to get to a sporting event in New York or Chicago, then taking the subway (or a tram) could be the ticket as well. Cost is minimal, and the characters that you see if you pay attention will keep your imagination occupied!