Snow-Capped Wonders: Winter Was Made for Mont-Tremblant


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Mont-Tremblant is a winter wonderland.  Of course, one can assume skiing is on your list if you’re coming through in season.  However, you may not know of a variety of other things to do here when the wind is brisk and the ground covered in snow.  Winter was made for Mont-Tremblant, and here are a few reasons why.

Scandinavian Spas

Adjacent to the shores of the Diable River, you’ll find a Scandinavian spa, a place to relax your body and cleanse your mind of anxieties.  The Spa is replete with wooden pavilions, solariums, outdoor fireplaces, and terraces.  You’re encouraged to stay hydrated during your stay, so fresh juices and healthy beverage choices are available at the snack bars.


You’ll have a choice of several vendors who provide dogsled tours to those who have never done it before or excited to do it again.  See incredible views of the countryside while trailing behind professionally trained dogs.  Guides are experts in first-aid as well as incredibly knowledgeable about the surrounding area, so you’ll have nothing to worry about as you feast your eyes on the sights and listen to facts about the land’s history and ecology.


Horseback Riding

You may picture dry terrain when thinking of horses, yet horseback riding is equally if not more fun in the snow.  Take a tour through the wintry surroundings with professionals who keep you safe and captivated.  Depending on time constraints and interest, you have a choice of one or two-hour-long excursions.


The surrounding area hosts six rivers and four-hundred lakes and streams.  You can decide to go snowshoeing within the National Park or stay situated close to Mont-Tremblant accommodations, taking a tour at Tremblant resorts.  You’ll trek through varied terrain, including woods, forests, and meadows.  You have a varied choice of where to go as well as how long you want to stay in your rented shoes.  Take a stroll on your own or hire a guide to go along with you.

Ice Climbing

Learn belay techniques and basic climbing techniques from outdoor experts.  Varied programs entertain those who are beginners or more advanced climbers.  If you’re a beginner, be mindful of the type of gear you wear to the excursion; since you may tear your pants or jacket on crampons, you don’t want to wear expensive apparel.

Adventure: Snowshoeing on a sunny day in the upper Paradise valley, Mt. Rainier National Park


The Paintball Centre is renowned for delivering an ultimate experience.  Fifteen playgrounds are reserved for those who are beginners or more advanced in playing the sport.  Bring your own equipment or take advantage of rental options.  The site is inviting to large parties or those who are looking to link up with others for a few hours of adrenaline-fueled paint battling.

Ice Fishing

As with other options described above, area vendors accommodate both beginners and experts.  Seasoned experts combine the traditional experience of ice fishing with the convenience of modern equipment.  The best spots are just outside the main Tremblant resorts.  Of course, family members of all ages are encouraged to come and try a hand at ice fishing.

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