Convincing Reasons to Visit Palm Springs in 2016


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Aside from the financial aspect of traveling, or not being able to get time off of work, few people would have any hesitation to visit Palm Springs. Imagine sitting pool side in your swimming suit, rubbing on the tanning oil, drinking pina coladas for days, and listening to the sound of the water wash every care you have in the world away. Any sane person would not say no to this.

Besides the seemingly endless sun, Palm Springs is full of many more reasons why you should visit. Here are just a few that will convince you to book your ticket for 2016:

The Zoo Feels Like Africa

Palm Springs is home to a zoo and conservatory called The Living Desert where you can see over 250 species of animals you wouldn’t see on your average stroll through nature. You’ll practically feel like you’re in Africa when you visit this enchanting place, but the species you’ll see aren’t limited just to the Sahara. You’ll also see animals that hail from Asia, Australia, and of course, North America. The experience is not one to miss out on.

You Can Shop Till You Drop

When you visit Palm Springs, the shopping you’ll be able to do will absolutely blow your mind. Go to El Paseo which is basically the equivalent of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. There are designer shops everywhere, the food and cafes you can dine at are literally to die for, and you’ll be able to spend days exploring all that the area has to offer in the realm of shopping. You’ll literally drop from exhaustion and excitement if the heat of the sun doesn’t get to you first.

You Can Hike For Days

Those California folk are serious about their fitness and health. When visiting Palm Springs, to fit right in you’re going to want to do as the locals do. The Indian Canyons feature miles and miles of beautiful desert hiking trails for you to explore and get your sweat and tan on at the same time. While you’re on a hike, you’ll be able to see all sorts of desert wildlife you wouldn’t really see in the city. Who says California can’t give you a taste of the great outdoors?

You Can Discover the Markets and Villagefest

In addition to the amazing shopping in Palm Springs, the area also offers some amazing farmers markets where you’ll find one of a kind items and the freshest of produce in the area. The markets are open every Saturday for you to peruse, so don’t miss out on finding something amazing.

If farmers markets aren’t your thing, check out Villagefest every Thursday. There are musicians, arts, crafts, food, and a whole lot of other opportunities to have fun. All this and more is what awaits you in Palm Springs in 2016, so find a place to lay your head for the night, and live it up in sunny California.