London Gatwick Airport Still Popular with Shrewd Investors in Airport Parking


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AirportParking, an online company in the UK that helps people find airport car park spaces, has revealed that London Gatwick Airport offers some of the best investment opportunities in car parking spaces. Investors have seen above-assured returns on their investments. The company encourages everyone considering making an investment to book a stay in the car park first in order to find out why these investments are so good.

London Gatwick Airport continues to become increasingly busy, and this means investing in their off-airport car parks remains very interesting. has been keeping their eye on Gatwick’s figures and how they continued to rise. At their latest count, in May, over 250,000 people pass through the airport. This means that, annually, it enjoys some 41,123,000 passengers, which is the world record considering Gatwick is a single runway airport.

London Gatwick has recently launched Pier 1, which is a new facility with a new baggage system, addressing the South Terminal. Pier 1 also has state of the art gate rooms for passengers. The goal is to improve the experience passengers have.

Eight of Gatwick’s car parks are owned by Park First, and they have stated they want to make the passenger experience hassle free and completely smooth. They manage a number of famous parking facilities not just at Gatwick, but also Glasgow.

All of their parks offer air passengers long stay parking, as well as Park & Ride or Meet & Greet. Through Park First, tens of thousands of cars are parked. They have advanced CCTV facilities in place, as well as being known for their excellent customer service 24/7.

AirportParking, who specialize in helping people find car park spaces near airports, is working closely together with Park First, ensuring that their management standards remain exceptionally high. They have noted a sharp increase in the number of investors.

When someone invests in Park First spaces, they receive the rental income. Furthermore, they also receive capital growth on a long term basis. Private investors in these spaces come from all over the world, and they understand the advantages this type of investment offers. It comes with assured high returns, and none of the risks usually associated with building investments.

A representative from AirportParking says:

“Gatwick is one of the most popular airports for investors, because it is of such high quality and so well managed. We always keep our eye on what Park First is doing and fully endorse their excellent standards of customer service, not just to those who book parking through us, but also to those who invest in them.”

“We always encourage anyone considering investing in Park First to use their facility first, which they can book through us. That way, they have a greater understanding of how they will get their money’s worth.”

Park First has ensured many different investors are able to purchase off-airport car park spaces. Some of their spaces cost as little as £20,000, and it is one of the best low risk investments around, providing people with a tangible, high yield asset giving them a continuous extra income.

Those who invest in Park First spaces at Gatwick are assured of an 8% return over the first two years. In years three and four, this rises to 10%, and then to 12% in years five and six.

While these are the assured returns, most investors are actually seeing higher returns. Some have seen returns of 10.8% and above in the first years. This is something traditional investors, such as stocks, bonds, shares, and ISAs, are finding impossible to match.